The 10 Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens in the US

The 10 Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens in the US :-Visit a public garden whether traveling for business or pleasure, alone or with friends. There’s nothing like strolling through a warm conservatory full of exotic plants on a bleak winter day, smelling hundreds of rose blooms in summer, or getting landscaping ideas from creative borders. Visitors to these gardens are inspired and learn about new species and gardening techniques while supporting conservation and horticulture research.

The 10 Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens in the US

1 . Bellevue Botanical garden

  • A genuine urban jewel, it has something for everyone—and every season. The 150-foot suspension bridge over a steep ravine and the naturalistic Urban Meadow will delight kids of all ages, while gardeners and photographers will adore the perennial border’s inventive mixes.

Bellevue Botanical Garden
Garden Design
Calimesa, CA

2 . Portland Japanese garden

  • This 12-acre park offers eight garden styles, flowing streams, serene walkways, a genuine Japanese Tea House, and a stunning view of Mt. Hood to visitors who enter the ancient gates.
  • Visit Kengo Kuma’s Cultural Village to finish your tour. Visitors can experience Japanese culture through seasonal activities, performances, and demonstrations.

Portland Japanese Garden, Portland Garden, Fall Color
Garden Design
Calimesa, CA

3 . Woodside

  • The historic terraces, groomed lawns, and stone balustrades, with stunning views of the Santa Cruz Mountains, will captivate you like a large English manor.
  • Charming brick garden structures across the grounds complement the clusters of worn terracotta pots with seasonal bulbs and flowers.
  • Yet there’s more: colorful geometric beds surrounded by clipped hedges, lengthy vistas through the garden grounds, tranquil water features, and formal allées.
  • The orchard is lovely in April when hundreds of native daffodils blossom under the gnarled fruit trees.

Filoli Garden, Tulips, Spring Bulbs
Garden Design
Calimesa, CA


4 . San Francisco

  • Discover the world in 55 acres of beautiful gardens and open areas. Visit the stunning exhibit of over 200 magnolias—many of them rare—in January and February. The Succulent Garden and New Zealand exhibitions are always popular.

San Francisco Botanical Garden, San Francisco Garden, Shaded Path
Garden Design
Calimesa, CA


5 . San Marino

  • In our self-guided day trip to Los Angeles, our local garden expert recommended this beautiful 207-acre estate for grand-scale inspiration.
    The Desert Garden is a “must see” with the late afternoon sun backlighting the cactus collection.
  • You could spend all day here. The California Garden next to the restaurant showcases native and dry-climate flora’ beauty.

Huntington Cactus Garden, Cactus, Los Angeles Garden
Garden Design
Calimesa, CA


6 . Flintridge

  • From the forest of heritage coast live oaks  to a themed Rose Garden with companion plantings, and a Camelia Collection to California Natives, this remarkable retreat offers year-round natural beauty as well as botanical collections and seasonal displays.

Descanso Gardens, Red Bridge, Japanese Style Garden
New York, NY


7 . Glencoe

  • Explore the multi-sensory Enabling Garden, compare trial garden winners, and get landscaping ideas. Our neighborhood horticultural expert suggested this garden for daily learning.

Chicago Botanic Garden, Chicago Garden, Circle Garden
Chicago Botanic Garden
Glencoe, IL


8 . St. Louis

  • Since 1859, this National Historic Landmark botanical garden has been available to the public. Looking for notable plant collections? Check. Garden demonstrations? Gather thoughts from 23. Conservatories? A half-acre geodesic dome, an 1882 brick conservatory, and a modern temperate house with thematic displays are the three.

Missouri Botanical Garden, Tulips, Glass Dome
New York, NY


9 . Cleveland

  • This garden’s abundance and creativity make up for its small size. The lush Gateway Garden and the Inspiration Gardens will inspire you to create your own garden.
  • When you enter the glasshouse, you can see Madagascar’s Dr. Seuss-like terrain with unusual animals and Costa Rica’s beautiful jungle with butterflies and cooing ground doves.

Butterfly On Flower, Orange And Black Butterfly, Pollinator
New York, NY

10 . San Antonio

  • This botanical garden inspires, educates, and innovates like the best public gardens. The Texas Native Trail’s water-wise designs and the Bird Watch structure’s view of local and migrating species will delight visitors. Pack binoculars for unobtrusive bird viewing with this smart design.
  • Other notable buildings in the garden include a futuristic glass conservatory and numerous 1800s buildings.

San Antonio Botanical Garden, Glass Building, Texas Garden
Garden Design
Calimesa, CA

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