Flourless Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Flourless Chocolate Cookies Recipe:-These chocolate cookies made without flour are extremely rich, chewy, and moist all at the same time! The recipe I have for you is simple to prepare, and it has a decadent chocolate flavour that you will adore. A recipe

Flourless Chocolate Cookies Recipe


  • The ingredients required for this recipe are as follows:
  • 6 ounces (170 grammes) of chocolate bars with a 60% cacao content that have been chopped,
  • 113 grammes of unsalted butter that has been cut into pieces,
  • two large eggs that are at room temperature,
  • half a cup (100 grammes) of granulated sugar,
  • half a cup (50 grammes) of light brown sugar that has been firmly packed,
  • one teaspoon of vanilla extract,
  • half a teaspoon of salt, three tablespoons of cornflour,
  • half a teaspoon of baking powder,
  • and finally, a cup (85 grammes) of mini chocolate chips.



  • Prepare a baking sheet by lining it with parchment paper and preheating the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175 degrees Celsius). Put aside for later.
  • Mix together the chunks of butter and the chopped chocolate in a bowl that is microwave-safe and of medium size. To ensure that the chocolate and butter are thoroughly melted and smooth,


  • heat the mixture in the microwave for increments of 25 seconds, stirring in between each increment. Put aside for later.
  • Six ounces (about 170 grammes) of chocolate bars containing sixty percent cacao, and half a cup (113 grammes) of unsalted butter
    Put the eggs, sugars, vanilla essence, and salt into a separate bowl and mix them together. Make use of an electric mixer to combine the ingredients, gradually raising the speed of the mixer until it reaches high, and continue beating until the batter has thickened, grown in volume, and darkened in colour and opaqueness (this should take around two minutes on high speed).
  • Two large eggs, half a cup (100 grammes) of granulated sugar, half a cup (50 grammes) of light brown sugar, one teaspoon of vanilla extract, and half a teaspoon of salt


  • with care (by means of a spatula) Mix the chocolate mixture with the egg mixture until it is completely incorporated.
  • While the chocolate and egg mixture is still in the bowl, sift the cocoa powder, cornflour, and baking powder. Making use of a spatula, carefully blend the components until they are approximately fifty percent combined.
  • Half a cup (25 grammes) of natural cocoa powder, three tablespoons of cornflour, and half a teaspoon of baking powder
  • After roughly fifty percent of the ingredients have been blended, add the small chocolate chips and continue to whisk gently until all of the ingredients have been included.


  • There are ½ cup (85 g) of small chocolate chips.
  • Transfer the dough onto the baking sheet that has been prepared, making sure to leave a minimum of 2 inches of space between each cookie. It is normal for the uncooked cookie dough to become more thick while it sits, so don’t worry about that.
  • For nine to ten minutes, bake. Before taking the cookies from the baking pan and consuming them, make sure they have totally cooled down.


How to Make Flourless Chocolate Cookies:

1 . Melt the chocolate 

  • First, melt the butter and chopped chocolate in the microwave for 25 seconds at a time until the mixture is smooth and melted, and then set it aside.

2 . Beat the eggs

  • An electric mixer should be used to combine the eggs, sugars, vanilla, and salt. Continue beating until the mixture becomes thicker and lighter in colour.

3 . Fold to combine

  • Incorporate the melted chocolate in a gentle manner until it is completely incorporated.

4 . Sift in the dry

  • The cocoa powder, maize starch and baking powder should be sifted in and stirred until they are fifty percent incorporated.

5 . Add the chips

  • After the chocolate chips have been added, continue stirring until all of the ingredients are incorporated.

6 . Scoop and bake 

  • Bake for nine to ten minutes after placing scoops of a size equivalent to one and a half tablespoons onto a baking sheet prepared with parchment paper.

7 . Cool before enjoying

  • Please wait until the cookies have completely cooled on their baking sheet before you consume them.


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