Al B Green Pizza Recipe Delicious Recipe Ever

Al B Green Pizza Recipe Delicious Recipe Ever :- Whether you are looking for a vegetarian pizza that is not a plain margarita, green food for St. Patrick’s day, or just something a little bit different, this green pizza is a slice that is both fresh and delicious, and it is loaded with cheese and vegetables. It is a combination of all three of these things. Each of these three aspects is incorporated into it in some way.

Al B Green Pizza Recipe Delicious Recipe Ever


For the pizza base

  • 1 cup white bread flour
  • ½ cup whole wheat flour
  • ½ cup all purpose flour plain flour
  • ¾ teaspoon fast-acting dried yeast
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 ½ tablespoon plain yogurt eg Greek-style
  • ¾ cups water warm

For the topping

  • 4 teaspoon pesto
  • ½ cup ricotta (½ cup is 8tbsp)
  • 7 oz zucchini courgette
  • 8 stems asparagus approx
  • ½ oz parmesan finely grated
  • 2 handfuls arugula rocket
  • ¼ oz parmesan shaved
  • 2 teaspoon truffle oil approx (OK to omit if you don’t have but it does finish it nicely)

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How to make Al B Green Pizza

Ahead of time
  • Make the pizza dough by combining the flours, yeast, salt, and sugar in a large bowl and mixing them together. This will allow you to make the pizza dough.
  • First, a small well should be made in the middle of the mixture. After that, the oil, yogurt, and water should be added to the mixture and thoroughly mixed together to form a dough.
  • You can anticipate it to have a slight sticky and wet consistency. After turning the dough out onto a surface that has been dusted with flour, it should be kneaded for approximately five minutes without being allowed to rest.
  • You should use the back of your hand to stretch the dough away from you during this time. After that, you should fold the portion of the dough that has been stretched over onto the rest of the dough, turn it 90 degrees, and then repeat the process.
  • In the event that it is required, add an additional tablespoon or two of flour as you proceed.After approximately five minutes have passed, it ought to no longer have a sticky sensation. After the mixing bowl has been thoroughly cleaned and lightly oiled, the dough should be rolled into a ball and placed inside the bowl.
  • This continues until the bowl is completely clean. It is important to make sure that it is covered with cling film or plastic wrap and that it is allowed to rest in a warm location for approximately one hour, or possibly even longer, until it has doubled in size.
As ready to cook
  • When you are ready to make the pizzas, preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit or 220 degrees Celsius. The baking sheets should be placed in the oven so that they can be preheated.
  • After turning the pizza dough out of the bowl, you should prod it with your fingers to remove it from the bowl and then divide it into two equal parts. Alternatively, you could make one large pizza or several smaller pizzas.
  • While you are working on the one pizza, make sure that the piece or pieces that you are not working with are placed to one side and covered.
  • The pizza dough should be rolled out into a circle or rectangle, depending on your preference and the size of the baking sheet or tray you are using.
  • You should roll it out to the greatest extent possible and then transfer it to a sheet of parchment paper. For the remaining dough, repeat the process. Ricotta and pesto should be combined and then spread on the pizza bases after being mixed together.
  • Both the zucchini and the asparagus should be sliced or shaved very thinly, and then they should be spread over the base. Grated parmesan should be sprinkled on top, and the dish should be baked for approximately fifteen minutes, or until the base become crisp and the vegetables appear to be cooked through but not overly browned. Arugula, shaved parmesan, and a drizzle of truffle oil should be sprinkled on top before serving.

It is essential that you take note of the fact that you have the ability to substitute a base that has already been prepared. This is something that you absolutely must do. Additionally, you have the option of including vegetables in the toppings themselves, such as peas or broccoli, for example. This alternative is available to you.


  • Calories: 771kcal
  • Carbohydrates: 100g
  • Protein: 28g
  • Fat: 29g
  • Saturated Fat: 9g
  • Cholesterol: 41mg
  • Sodium: 925mg
  • Potassium: 625mg
  • Fiber: 7g
  • Sugar: 5g
  • Vitamin A: 1260IU
  • Vitamin C: 20.8mg
  • Calcium: 355mg
  • Iron: 4mg

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