The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made When Mulching Vegetable Plants – And How To Avoid Them!


What's vegetable gardening's biggest mulching mistake? A landslide victory without mulching!Leaving bare soil around plants invites weed seeds to grow. 



Not Mulching At All  

Weeds thrive in bare soil. They cover the soil quickly, stealing nutrients from your plants. Besides spreading disease, weeds can house pests. If they get big enough, weeds produce more seeds that start another wave! 

What mulch works best around vegetable plants? One thing is for sure: mulch has many options, but choosing the wrong one for your vegetable garden can be disastrous. 



Using The Wrong Mulch 

Avoid thick wood or synthetic mulches around plants. Many of these contain dyes that are harmful to plants and food, and they can mat down and block soil nutrients. 

The third biggest vegetable garden mulching mistake is not using enough mulch. Small amounts of mulch won't protect your plants and soil. 



Not Mulching Deep Enough 

Similar to using a blanket in cold weather. A thin blanket will help, but you may still be cold. However, a thick blanket can keep you warm for a long time. Mulch around plants too! 

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