How To Keep Cucumber Plants Productive All Summer Long – 3 Simple Secrets That Work!


Water is essential for a cucumber plant's early success. Too little or too much water can harm plants and reduce their productivity. 



Watering Your Plants For Success

The cucumber fruit is 96% water. The plant itself is very water-rich. Plants can't maintain healthy stems and foliage without enough water. Their fruit production will also suffer without water. 

Like watering, fertilising your plants regularly gives them the energy they need to grow and produce. However, fertilisation timing and method can greatly impact their success!  



Fertilizing Properly 

Cucumbers use a lot of soil nutrients and resources during the growing season. The resources are used to grow new foliage, strong roots, blooms, and cucumbers. 

Last but not least, don't stop gathering! For your cucumber plants to keep producing all summer, you need to make sure you pick them regularly and regularly. 



Keep Harvesting! 

Plants with too many cucumbers experience “fruit overload.” If a plant has too many cucumbers, it will focus on maturing them rather than producing new ones. 

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