10 Fabulous Fig Varieties for Your Home and Garden

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Can you grow figs? Which type? Growing your own figs is easy if you like them and live somewhere mild to warm! Gardening expert and fig lover Liessa Bowen suggests 10 cultivars for novices.  

‘Alma’ is a mid-season fig. The fruit is luscious and flavorful. Figs have brown skin and flesh.  

1. Alma 

Mid-season producer ‘Atreano’. Fast-growing and productive, these trees keep compact. Large figs with yellow-green skin and amber-pink flesh.  

2. Atreano

Late-season producer ‘Black Madeira’. The medium-sized fruit tastes great. They taste like berries and have black skin and crimson meat. ‘Black Madeira’ trees thrive in arid climates.  

3. Black Madeira

‘Black Mission’ figs are popular at farmer's markets and grocery stores. Fruit ripens mid-season on these trees. The rectangular, pear-shaped fruits taste like berries.  

4. Black Mission

‘Brooklyn White’ yields two crops early in the season. The medium-sized fruits taste like berries and melon. ‘Brooklyn White’ trees are hardy and fruitful.  

5. Brooklyn White

‘Brown Turkey’ figs are popular and widely available. These trees are strong, productive, and easy to grow. Large and tasty, the fruit has reddish-brown skin and brown flesh.  

6. Brown Turkey

Commercially sold figs include ‘Calimyrna’, especially dried. They taste like melon.  The huge, yellow-skinned fruits are pink within. When dried, ‘Calimyrna’ seeds are crisp and intriguing.   

7. Calimyrna

‘Celeste’ figs, popular in the Southeast, should be readily accessible. Hardy and fruitful, these trees thrive in humidity. Early-season producer ‘Celeste’.  

8. Celeste

Early-season producer ‘Chicago Hardy’. This popular cultivar thrives in milder, humid areas.  The trees are sturdy and fruitful. Medium-sized and delicious, the fruit has purple skin, crimson meat, and a berry-like flavour.   

9. Chicago Hardy

Mid-season producer ‘Conadria’. Large fruits with green to yellowish exterior and pale pink flesh have a sweet melon-like flavour. The tree tolerates drought.  

10. Conadria

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