12 Best Raspberry Varieties For Home Gardens

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Check out this detailed list of the top 12 raspberry types for your home garden. Organic farmer Jenna Rich divides them by primocane, floricane, fruit colour, ripening period, and hardiness.  

Classic heritage raspberries are sweet and delicious. They produce well and are popular with home gardeners.  

1. Heritage

Large, solid berries make this cultivar popular. Caroline raspberries are disease-resistant and delicious.  

2. Caroline

Anne raspberries are sweet and golden. They're popular for fresh eating and versatile in the kitchen.  

3. Anne

Large, luscious raspberries are their specialty. Sweet tulameen raspberries are fantastic for eating fresh or creating jams and pastries.  

4. Tulameen

Sweet and tasty berries are produced by this everbearing cultivar twice a year. Home gardeners can grow disease-resistant Joan J raspberries.  

5. Joan J

Fall Gold raspberries have golden-yellow berries. They're delicious and popular for late-season picking.  

6. Fall Gold

Nova raspberries have a strong texture and great flavour. They yield well and withstand illnesses.  

7. Nova  

The brilliant red and tasty Canby raspberries are famous. They are popular for fresh eating and processing.  

8. Canby  

Deep purple raspberries distinguish this cultivar. Princess raspberries are utilised in jams and pastries due to their colour.  

9. Royalty  

Large, delicious polka raspberries are famous. They produce fruit all season.  

10. Polka  

Munger raspberries are firm and tasty. They're disease-resistant and good for residential gardens.  

11. Munger

Boysen raspberries are tough and trustworthy. They produce sweet-tart red berries for cooking.

12. Boyne

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