What Do Seeds Require To Sprout?

Dormant seeds germinate when exposed to moisture, oxygen, light, and soil. Seed sprouting basics will be covered by examining the necessary components. 

Although moist, seeds need moist soil to revive. Being wet produces imbibition. After watering, enzymes pressurize the seed casing and help seedlings emerge. 


Balance soil moisture for seeding. Each seed has specific needs. Quinoa grows on dry, shallow soil. This requires dry soil before seedlings grow. 

Proper oxygen and ventilation help seeds wake up. Because glucose aids aerobic respiration. Oxygen helps seeds release food energy. 


Water, carbon dioxide, and oxygen compete in seeds. How do seedlings get oxygen? Knowing seed depth aids germination. Seeds put under thin damp soil. 

Many say seeds require light to germinate, but they need perfect temperature. Germinating rates matter. High-germination seeds may not need temperature control. 


Gardeners must plant more low-germination seeds for a good yield. To avoid seed waste, set the proper temperature conditions ahead of time.

Commercial seeds germinate without light because they can survive. Some need light. Dark-germinating seeds follow. 

And Now For Light

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