Roasted Berry and Honey Yogurt Popsicles Recipe

Smooth Greek yoghurt popsicles topped with roasted raspberries and blueberries that have been jammed. These are all natural, tasty summer treats that are sweetened with honey.

– 12 ounces (two small containers) small berries, like blueberries and raspberrie – 2 teaspoons sugar (preferably turbinado sugar), optional – Dash of sea salt – 2 tablespoons + ¼ cup honey (to taste) – 2 cups whole Greek yogurt (I used Fage) – ½ small lemon, juiced


Step 1


Preheat oven to 350°F. Parchment a rimmed baking sheet. Carefully mix berries with sugar, sea salt, and 2 tablespoons honey in a medium bowl.

Step 2

Place the berries in a single layer on the baking sheet. Roast 30 minutes, stirring halfway, until berry juices thicken but don't burn (watch edges).

Step 3

While the fruit roasts, mix Greek yoghurt and lemon juice in a medium bowl. Honey can be added to taste, but the berries will be very sweet. Make tart popsicles with more lemon juice.

Step 4

After cooling for 10 minutes, scrape the berries and their juices into the yoghurt. Avoid mixing for a marbled effect and gently fold the mixture with a large spoon.

Step 5

Spoon yoghurt into popsicle moulds and add sticks. Freeze for 4 hours. Run warm water around the moulds for 10 seconds and gently remove the popsicles. Immediately enjoy.

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