Plants That Prefer The Dark

As we have discussed, there are a number of species that exhibit a preference for living in the underground. 

Many of them are popular vegetable garden varieties with thick seed casings that sprout well when planted deep and dark. 

Growing nasturtium is beneficial. Direct-sow nasturtium seeds three times their diameter in organic soil. Bright round-leaved seedlings will appear!

1. Nasturtium 

Calendula grows poorly in sun. Cover worm-like seeds in 1 inch of organic soil out of direct sunlight. Maintain moist soil when growing calendula.

2. Calendula  

Plant mammoth types three times their diameter deep and cover with plastic before germination. When germination occurs, remove plastic and set seedlings in direct light. 

3. Sunflower 

Large, thick-shelled allium seeds won't germinate in sunlight. Long nights promote germination. After sprouting, remove the plastic and place them in light. 

4. Onion 

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