Pear Cranberry Crisp Recipe

Honey-sweetened pears and cranberries with gluten-free oat and almond meal. You can substitute apples for pears. This easy dessert is perfect for holidays or cold days!

Pear cranberry (or apple) filling – 4 large Bartlett pears or Granny Smith apples (about 2 pounds), peeled, cored and sliced into small bite-sized piece – 1 cup fresh or frozen cranberrie – ⅓ cup honey – 2 tablespoons arrowroot starch or 3 tablespoons cornstarch – 1 tablespoon lemon juice – ½ teaspoon ground ginger – ¼ teaspoon cinnamon Gluten-free walnut, oat and almond meal topping – 1 cup old-fashioned oats (certified gluten-free if necessary) – ½ cup packed almond meal or almond flour – ½ cup chopped walnut – ⅓ cup lightly packed brown sugar – ¼ teaspoon fine grain sea salt – 4 tablespoons butter – 3 tablespoons plain yogurt (Greek or regular)


Step 1


Heat the oven to 350°F. Mix pears (or apples), cranberries, honey, arrowroot or cornflour, lemon juice, ginger, and cinnamon in a 9-by-9-inch baking dish.

Step 2

Optional: brown butter for complexity. Butter melts in a small saucepan over medium heat. Swirl the pan by the handle often to avoid butter splattering.

Step 3

Heat the butter, swirling frequently, until brown flecks appear in the pan (about three minutes). Mix oats, almond meal or flour, walnuts, brown sugar, and salt in a medium bowl.

Step 4

Stir in Greek yoghurt and browned butter. Stir to moisten and incorporate all flour. To evenly distribute the oat mixture, spoon spoonfuls over the filling and break it up with your fingers.

Step 5

Bake until the filling bubbles around the edges, the top is lightly golden, and most cranberries have burst, 40–55 minutes. Rest the crisp for 5–10 minutes before serving. Please serve with vanilla ice cream.

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