How to Plant, Grow, and Care For Hardy Kiwi 

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Hardy kiwi, also known as kiwi berry or baby kiwi (Actinidia arguta), is enjoyable to grow. Hardy kiwi is a smaller, cold-tolerant relative of Actinidia deliciosa. Plant, cultivate, and care for hardy kiwi step-by-step:  

Some hardy kiwis are better for certain climates. Choose an area-appropriate variety.  

1.  Choose the Right Variety

Hardy kiwi is planted spring or autumn. Planting in the autumn helps the plant establish roots before winter.  

2. Planting Time

Location should have well-draining soil and full or partial sun. Kiwi vines can grow in many soil types but prefer slightly acidic to neutral soil.  

3. Selecting a Location

Dig a hole slightly larger than the kiwi root ball. Set the plant in the hole at the same depth as the nursery container. Cover the hole with soil and water.

4. Planting

When they grow, hardy kiwi plants are like vines that need to be held up. Set up a scaffold or some other kind of support for the vines to climb.  

5. Support Structure

Keep the dirt moist all the time, especially when it's dry. But keep the dirt from getting too wet; kiwi plants don't like it when it's wet.  

6. Watering

Use a balanced, slow-release fertiliser to feed the plants in the spring. Follow the directions on the fertiliser package for how much to use.  

7. Fertilization

Trim hardy kiwi plants in late winter or early spring before new growth. Pruning controls plant size and promotes fruit output.  

8. Pruning 

Most hardy kiwi types are dioecious, requires both male and female plants for pollination and fruit production. Plant male and female vines for best results.  

9. Pollination 

Harvest ripe kiwi berries. Late summer or early autumn is when the fruit is harvested. Ripe kiwi berries should feel soft.  

10. Harvesting 

Watch for aphids and scale insects. Use organic or chemical controls as appropriate. Proper care and monitoring are needed for hardy kiwi plants to avoid infections.  

11. Pest and Disease Control

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