How To Get Pepper Plants Growing Fast – 3 Simple Tips To Energize Your Pepper Plants!


Pepper plants are slow starters in containers, raised beds, and traditional gardens. Pepper seeds germinate slowly and grow slower than most vegetables in the first few months. 

Peppers need nutrients to grow and produce. Tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables struggle to grow in soil without those nutrients.



Give Your Pepper Plants A Boost Of Early Energy 

Pepper plant roots are still developing in lower spring temperatures. This makes it difficult for them to absorb soil energy early on. But giving them a few doses of quick-absorbing energy early can boost root and foliage growth. 

Granular fertilisers contain energy, but it takes time to reach plants. But liquid fertilisers work fast. Better yet, they will absorb into your pepper plants through the roots, stems, and foliage. 

Small peppers on your plants should be removed in the first month of growth. Remove any small peppers from a pepper plant you buy from a store right away. 



Pick Off Early Fruit 

Fruit production requires a lot of energy and resources from all vegetable plants. Early fruits sap pepper plants' growth strength. Early fruits take longer to ripen, wasting energy. 

It is best to remove early fruit and let pepper plants grow for the first month. Later fruit will mature more easily. Most importantly, your pepper plant will be larger and better able to produce fruit, flowers, and grow. 

Finally, inconsistent watering stunts many young pepper plants. Too little or too much. Pepper plants suffer more from overwatering than underwatering. 



Water Smart 

Pepper plant roots swell in excess water. The roots then become waterlogged. So they can't absorb nutrients. You can get nutrients from soil or fertiliser. 

Unfortunately, many gardeners assume their pepper plants need more water when they lag behind. More water increases the plant's root swelling. Of course, the pepper plant struggles more to get nutrients. 

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