How To Fertilize Hanging Baskets – The Secret To Keep Your Baskets Blooming Big!


The placement of your flowering baskets can greatly affect their performance. One of the main reasons hanging baskets fail is location. Success begins with placing baskets in the best spot for their plants. 



Pick The Right Growing Location 

Select low-light plants to liven up a covered porch or shady outdoor area. If you're hanging plants on a sunny deck, choose heat-tolerant plants. 

Insufficient or irregular watering can kill hanging baskets early. Basket soil dries out faster than ground-grown flowers. 



Water Consistently 

In drought, flowering plants' roots and leaves shrink, shrivel, and curl. They will brown and die if left dry. Even after receiving water, the plant's shrivelled roots make it difficult to absorb. 

Your hanging basket plants will not be able to make it through the summer without getting extra energy and power while they are growing. 



Powering Plants With Fertilizer 

Hanging basket plants have limited soil to absorb energy. Unfortunately, they cannot expand beyond the basket to find nutrients. Fertilising is necessary.  

As dying and decaying blooms remain on your baskets, new blooms will take longer to form and unfurl. Removing old blooms is crucial to keeping baskets blooming! 



Remove Spent Blooms Quickly  

Old blooms on a plant are unsightly and waste scarce resources. Better spent on new growth and blooms. 

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