How to Care for Your Grow Bag

Grow bags are portable and easy to use, so gardeners like myself enjoy them. Although we know how to care for cell trays and plastic pots, many don't know how to care for fabric pots.

Growing bags. Perhaps commercial soil bags invented it, but there are numerous kinds. Non-woven recycled PET felt Anti-BPA Epic Grow Bags. Lined plant bags conserve water better in warm regions. 

What Are Grow Bag?

The end-of-season cleaning of stubborn dirt or hard water stains is easy for those of us with washing machines!

Cleaning With A Washing Machine

Empty grow bag dirt first. After hose-off as much soil as possible, sun-dry the bag for 24 hours (or longer if cool). To remove dirt, use the soft-bristled brush again once it dries.


Clean the bag in cold water after removing soil. Use heavy-soil machine settings wherever possible. Gentle organic detergents are best for removing white spots and mineral deposits.


Wash and remove. Pre-wash and open with wet hands. Sun-dry or hang the bag by its handles for airflow. Pots or buckets make drying easy. 


Bring a huge warm-water container. A spoonful of organic dish soap in water. Everything's in the washer. Bag soap. A 30-60-minute soak leaves faint brushmarks. Machine-wash, air-dry!

Cleaning By Hand

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