Fresh Mint Ice Cream Recipe 

A light and delicately flavoured ice cream that does not contain any artificial ingredients and is made with real mint. It is ideal for the hot days of summer.

– 2 cups 2% milk – 1 cup half-and-half – 20 fresh mint leave – ¾ cups turbinado (raw) sugar – dash of salt – 2 large egg yolk – 1 teaspoon real vanilla extract


Step 1


Over medium-high heat, mix milk, half-and-half, and mint leaves in a medium or heavy sauce pan or Dutch oven. Heat until tiny bubbles form around the edge (180 degrees). Avoid boiling!

Step 2

Cover and wait 10 minutes after removing from heat. It lets the mint flavour steep. Uncover and colander the mixture into a medium bowl.

Step 3

Press mint leaves slightly with a large spoon to get all the flavour. Discard the leaves and pour the liquid back into the pan. In a new bowl, mix sugar, salt, and egg yolks. Whisk until pale.

Step 4

Whisk constantly as you add half the milk mixture to the egg mixture. Pour the egg/milk mixture back into the pan with the remaining milk.

Step 5

Keep stirring over medium-low heat for two minutes (or 160 degrees). Pour the mixture into a bowl. Add vanilla. Stir occasionally in the bowl while it cools in the fridge.

Step 6

Fill your ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer's instructions. If you want the ice cream harder, freeze it for two hours.

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