Can You Trap Slugs With Beer?

Common garden pests like slugs harm quickly. Damp circumstances let them wreck havoc while you sleep. Beer? Slug traps and killers include bait, eggshells, copper, and lettuce. 

Slimy, skinny slugs extend out as they slide. Unlike snails, they lack shells. They can reach 1 ½ inches in length when mature or moving. Slime left behind shows their presence.

Can You Trap Slugs With Beer?

Slimy water. They prefer damp garden waste, broken boards, and camouflage gear. They mate with any slug and have male and female reproductive components.

Grown slugs lay eggs. Some species self-fertilize, but mating occurs in fall and spring when conditions are optimal and eggs are laid. Small slugs lay 40–500 eggs. 

Beer traps slugs safely and effectively. Slugs like beer's yeast fragrance. Slugs climb beer traps deliberately put in your garden. 

become a little sloshy and are unable to climb out again before dying. With a few common household objects and inexpensive alcohol, you can create beer traps. 

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