Brownie Pie Recipe 

This is a very chocolatey and fudgy brownie that is baked inside a flaky pie crust made of only butter and topped with very creamy whipped cream.

– 1 recipe pie crust or brown butter pie crust chilled Brownie Batter – 170 g or ¾ cups butter – 150 g or ¾ cup brown sugar – 100 g or ½ cup granulated sugar – 50 g or ½ cup dutch process cocoa – ½ tsp fine sea salt – 1 teaspoon vanilla – 3 large egg – 65 g or ½ cup all purpose flour – 50 g or ¼ cup finely chopped dark chocolate




Roll the pie crust into a 10" circle on floured surface, rotating and flipping to avoid sticking. A 1" overhang results from cutting the edges. Make pan bottom dough.

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STEP  1 .

Draw the edges under and around, then pinch the crust into a triangular shape with your dominant thumb and other fingers to flute or crimp. Deep-freeze pie shell 30 minutes.

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Heat oven to 375 F. Two crisscrossed aluminum foil sheets and dried beans or pie weights protect the pie. Par-bake the pie 30 minutes.

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Make brownie batter in 20 minutes. Pour cold butter into a large bowl. At 100% power, microwave 1 minute.

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Add sugar to mostly melted butter and beat for 30 seconds with a hand mixer. Re-microwave the bowl for 60 seconds.

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Heat sugar-butter. Beat 30 seconds with cocoa to thicken.  After adding vanilla and salt, beat in eggs one by one. Beat batter well for 60 seconds on medium.

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Stir in flour and chopped chocolate with rubber spatula. Well-mix. Post-baking pie weights should be peeled and foil Few edge, side, and doughy center brownings. Pan cut. Mix brownies.

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Turn on oven to 350F. Bake 35 minutes until center puffs. brownie-like, fudgy after puffing 5-7 minutes. The pie should cool at room temperature for an hour. Cream/icing whipping.

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