8 Vitamins and Minerals You Should Take Daily 

Start your day with vitamin C-rich foods like oranges or strawberries for immune support. 

Ensure strong bones and teeth with a daily dose of calcium from dairy products or leafy greens. 

Include sources of vitamin D, such as sunlight exposure or fortified foods, for bone health. 

Boost your energy metabolism with B-complex vitamins found in whole grains, meat, and dairy. 

Maintain healthy vision by incorporating vitamin A from carrots, sweet potatoes, or spinach. 

Support nerve function with vitamin B12, found in meat, fish, and fortified plant-based products. 

Enhance iron absorption by pairing iron-rich foods like beans or meat with vitamin C sources. 

Promote heart health with omega-3 fatty acids from fish, flaxseeds, or walnuts. 

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