7 Best Exercises for Shoulder Arthritis 

Shoulder Pendulum Swings: Gently sway your arm in a circular motion, promoting mobility without added stress. 

Isometric Shoulder Holds: Press your palms together in front of your chest, engaging shoulder muscles without joint movement. 

Rotator Cuff Exercises: Incorporate external and internal rotation movements with resistance bands to strengthen the rotator cuff. 

Scapular Squeezes: Sit or stand, squeeze your shoulder blades together to enhance scapular stability. 

Modified Plank: Support your body on your forearms, activating the core while minimizing stress on the shoulders. 

Wall Push-Ups: Perform push-ups against a wall to engage the shoulder muscles without the strain of a traditional push-up. 

Low-impact Cardio: Opt for activities like swimming or walking to maintain cardiovascular health without excessive shoulder stress. 

Range of Motion Exercises: Gently move your shoulder through its full range of motion to improve flexibility and reduce stiffness. 

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