13 Different Types of Hardwood Trees For Homes and Gardens

Below, we cover the Birch family, which includes Alder. The fast-growing tree has thin bark and robust, light-colored wood. Alder is our favorite hardwood, but it's softer than pine.

1 - Alder

American basswood trees have dense foliage, wide canopies, and yellow-white flowers. Big trees abound in North America. Yellow blossoms and covering make it a popular shade tree.

2 –American Basswood

The American chestnut tree is well-known, yet a foreign fungus nearly killed it in the 1900s. Thankfully, the US Forest Service and American Chestnut Foundation returned chestnuts countrywide.

3 – American Chestnut

The white, soft, and water elm is the American elm. Northeast America, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba are home to this elm. Southern states like Florida and Texas have elms.

4 – American Elm

Ash trees are part of the olive family, which has many woody plants. Ash trees can reach 30–120 feet tall, depending on species.

5 – Ash

A common deciduous tree that is native to North America is the aspen. It is also known as the quaking aspen, mountain aspen, and American aspen.

6 – Aspen

There are many diverse species in the beech tree family, but some of the most well-known ones are the American, European, tri-color, and copper beeches.

7 – Beech

Birch trees are easily identified by their tall, slender white trunks with black stripes. Many birch species have silver, gray, or yellow bark.

8 – Birch

Large deciduous black cherry trees are native to the Midwest and East. This tree is placed in parks and homes because of its beautiful white flowers.

9 – Black Cherry

Only opinion distinguishes the black locust tree's invasive and beneficial qualities. This tree is native to the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

10 – Black Locust

The average black walnut tree in your park may grow to 75 feet—a huge tree. This tree can grow to 150 feet in the wild or on plantations.

11 – Black Walnut

These sturdy, tall trees grow fast. Their strong wood and swift pace make them outstanding lumber providers. The mild density of hardwood makes it easy to split and cut. Lumber is cheap.

12 – Cottonwood

Dogwood trees are lovely with white blooms and multicolored berries. Due of its beautiful blooms, perennial flowering dogwood species are common in gardens and campuses.

13 – Dogwood

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