13 Different Types of Flowering Bushes

Medium-sized Abelia makes a good hedgerow and garden plant. It produces several little, pink-hued white bell-shaped flowers from late spring to October.

1 - Abelia

Andromeda is a great off-season flowering plant. Pink flower buds form in late summer and bloom in late winter and early spring on this shrub. 

2 – Andromeda

Annabelles, a species of hydrangea, bloom like snowballs from May to July. Their buds are light green before then, matching their big, ribbed leaves.

3 – Annabelle

Apple Serviceberry plants provide edible berries. These berries can be eaten raw or dried, although most people jam them. White and pink 4–5-petal flowers bloom for a long time in spring.

4 – Apple Serviceberry

This lovely viburnum plant has arching stems with dozens of little white flowers. Clusters of flowers form flat tops. Some birds love rich blue berries that appear after they disappear.

5 – Arrowwood

Azaleas are lovely midspring blooming plants. Many heirloom types of these plants allow you to choose any blossom color or combination. Also renowned for thick leaves.

6 – Azalea

Barberry is a blooming shrub with both flowers and berries. You'll love its pale yellow spring blossoms. Fall transforms the blooms into vivid scarlet fruits.

7 – Barberry

Purple lover? Plant Beautyberry in your yard instead of red. Beautyberry's pinkish-light purple flowers aren't the best on our flowering plants. Its purple fruit is.

8 –Beautyberry

This list includes smaller shrubs like Blue Beards. The mounding plants add color to late summer and early fall gardens. This plant blooms rich purple. Butterfly-attracting blooms are fluffy.

9 – Blue Beard

You're right—blueberries generate lovely flowers and delicious fruit. Blueberries bloom red, pink, or white in spring or early summer, depending on temperature.

10 –Blueberry

For spectacular flowering bushes, the Blue Blossom is hard to top. The star-shaped flowers cluster to form puffs. Each blossom has yellow balls on its tips.

11 – Blue Blossom

Bougainvillea flowers come in many colors. This plant blooms orange, yellow, and most popularly pink or red. Their papery flowers bloom year-round in warm regions.

12 – Bougainvillea

For these reasons, the Bright Gold Yew isn't a beautiful flowering shrub: This shrub has deep green needles with golden-yellow covers. These plants have yellow needle “flowers”.

13 – Bright Gold Yew

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