13 Best Flowers to Grow in A Cutting Garden for Beautiful Bouquets

Established lavender is hard to grow but low-maintenance. Mediterranean violet. For poor, well-drained soil. 5-9 perennial zones, some annual. Dry, well-trimmed stems.

1. Lavender

Zinnias are stunning garden cut flowers. Fast-growing, they bloom 60 days after planting. They attract pollinators, last long in vases, and have numerous colors and designs. 

2. Zinnia

After growing dahlias, my cut-flower garden wouldn't be complete without them. Dahlias don't stay long in vases, but they're perfect for special events. Flower diversity is astounding.

3. Dahlia

Strawflowers are brilliant for cutting and drying. These flowers aren't named properly. Flowers with stiff papery bracts radiating around a center disk are cheerful and colorful.

4. Strawflower

Cut sweet peas are hard to find due to their short vase life and transportation issues. Incorporate these lovely and fragrant blossoms throughout your yard for the best viewing. 

5. Sweet Pea

Snapdragons are my and most kids' childhood favorites. Their cute blossoms resemble a dragon opening its mouth when pressed. Why not adore that?

6. Snapdragon

Few flowers are as popular and long-lasting as sunflowers. A sunny, happy bloom like this is great for the cut flower garden.

7. Sunflower

Garden and wild black-eyed Susans bored me for years. The year before, my brother's partner got me a seed library pack. I refused unplanted seeds, so I started some in spring—wowzers! 

8. Black-eyed Susan

Many gardens have marigolds. The smell of their wonderful flowers deters pests, protecting other plants. Mexico uses them symbolically during Dia de Muertos.

9. Marigold

Hydrangeas thrill gardeners and florists. Panicles of pastel blue, pink, green, and white flowers cover this perennial shrub. Proper care and habitat can keep these plants blooming for decades. 

10. Hydrangea

Roses' beauty and history are essential to cut flower gardens. Roses are heavy feeders. Better rose flowers require compost and organic material before planting and periodic fertilization.

11. Roses

Lisianthus is a rose-like bloom with a lengthy vase life. Lisianthus are beautiful and hard to grow, but they make great cut flowers. They bloom for weeks and last two weeks in vases. 

12. Lisianthus

These lovely Persian buttercups are unique cutting plants. European botanists have hybridized these Middle Eastern blossoms for almost a century, generating spectacular results.

13. Ranunculus

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