13 Beginner-Friendly Seeds

Radishes are known as the easiest garden plant to grow. As long as they don't dry up in the first week, seeds germinate in various soils and temperatures. 

1. Radish

Lettuce is a profitable, beginner-friendly crop that grows in 5-10 days and comes in many colors and shapes. 

2. Lettuce

Microgreens are the fastest and easiest way to grow nutrient-dense greens indoors or outdoors. Microgreens are immature vegetable sprouts harvested at 2-3" height. 

3. Microgreen

Handling and planting rectangular marigold seeds is fun. These tropical natives germinate in warm, moist soil but mature drought-tolerant.

4. Marigold

In fall, popular summer flowers bring smiles, happy bees, and lots of seeds for birds and humans. Growing sunflowers from seed is easier. 

5. Sunflower

Beans grow quickly and easily because to their large seeds and nitrogen-fixing ability. I worked with children's garden programs that loved planting and picking beans.

6. Bean

Peas—the ultimate spring treat—can grow in chilly soil before most of your garden is planted. They grow swiftly and tolerate frost after 5-10 days. Like beans, peas don't need fertilizer.

7. Peas

Garlic is sown in fall and harvested in summer, unlike most vegetables. You can ignore garlic till next summer if you choose the right variety, plant at the right time, and mulch with straw. 

8. Garlic

Spring spinach blooms before lettuce. This cold-hardy green can be planted when the soil is workable. It grows at 50–70°F and produces nutrient-rich leaves. 

9. Spinach

Pesto lovers need homegrown basil! Grow many aromatic leaves in a short space with little effort. Basil seeds thrive in warm, moist, sunny environments. 

10. Basil

Growing lots of potatoes in pots, grow bags, raised beds, or soil mounds is simple. These tuberous veggies are grown from “seed potatoes,” little planting potatoes with new “eyes.” 

11. Potatoes

Direct-seed or start kale indoors and transplant in spring and fall. Even cold-tolerant young plants need protection. For warmth and flea control, sow or transplant under row fabric or a cold frame.

12. Kale

Chard germinates quickly and grows well indoors or outdoors. This biennial survives moderate winters. Rainbow chard brightens gardens and plates. 

13. Chard

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