13 Beautiful Perennials for Pots and Containers

Freely propagating houseplants lets you cultivate more plants for your collection or to share. Some plants replicate easily, but others are picky.

Gardeners love anise hyssop, or agastache, for its scented leaves and colorful tubular flowers. Bloom spikes atop gray-green leaves attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators.

1 - Agastache

North American asters, with deep blue-purple, lavender, and pink daisy-like blooms, are easy to grow. Late summer to fall asters beautify the yard and attract butterflies and bees.

2 – Aster

From June to October, black-eyed Susan is grown for its dark-centered golden daisy petals. Native rudbeckia is used in mass plantings, borders, meadows, cottage gardens, and containers.

3 – Black-eyed Susan

Nepeta, or catmint, has soft, fragrant, edible leaves and bridges the herb and perennial garden. Purple bloom spikes with petite, tubular flowers emerge from mounding gray-green foliage.

4 – Catmint

An iconic landscape native, echinacea, or coneflower, blooms in bright colors in July. Beneficial insects feed on disc florets surrounded by ray blooms.

5 – Echinacea

Garden decorative grasses move. Blades and plumes add contrast. Fountain grass has graceful blades and bright plumes. It varies in height, color, and endurance.

6 – Fountain Grass

Gaura, a beautiful perennial, has airy blossoms on wandlike stalks and a leafy base. The container garden looks lovely with white or pink Gaura flowers dancing among plants.

7 – Gaura

Heliopsis oxeye daisy, or sunflower, is from the east and central US. Golden sunflower-like blooms with fuzzy yellow button centers and rich green leaves bloom from summer to September.

8 – Heliopsis

Lenten roses, hellebores, with huge, cupped nodding blossoms and dark green palmate leaves. Hellebores have late winter/early spring evergreen or semi-evergreen leaves, depending on climate.

9 – Hellebore

North American coral bells, Heuchera, are evergreen in warmer climates. The foliage of Heuchera hybrids with mottled green, purple, bronze, black, red, or orange leaves is valued.

10 – Heuchera

Hostas add lush, sculptural leaves to the shaded container garden. Hostas add visual flair with its broad, strappy, or curling leaves.

11 – Hosta

Dappled gloom suits ferns. The foliage and stems of these perennials are lush. Japanese painted fern's frosted white, purple, and silvery green fronds symbolize melancholy.

12 – Japanese Painted Fern

Lantana's multicolored blossoms add beauty to the container garden all summer. Lanthanas are annual or perennial, with some being more winter-hardy in mild areas.

13 – Lantana

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