12 Roses So Tough That They Are Almost Impossible to Kill

Tell the truth. Some roses annoy. Due to illness, fungal issues, pests, and pampering, these divas make rose gardening a full-time job. Other roses thrive even when ignored.

Choose a centuries-old rose for longevity. Since at least 1500, Europe has grown ‘Alba Maxima’, the white rose that symbolized the House of York in the War of the Roses.

1. Alba Maxima

Strawberry-pink The sturdy Canadian Explorer Series includes ‘William Baffin’. Without protection, Manitoba roses survive harsh winters. Eco-friendly ‘William’ roses resist mildew and black spot without sprays.

2. William Baffin

Happy yellow ‘Popcorn Drift’ blooms all season. The ground cover rose will slowly develop into a carpet of lovely cupped double flowers.

3. Popcorn Drift

Some lament this rose's indestructibility. For informal gardeners with lots of space, ‘Rosa Woodsii’ is a stunning species rose. Plant this lovely western US native now!

4. Rosa Woodsii

Internationally popular hardy rose ‘Iceberg’ is dazzling white and lovely. I like it as usual. With its gorgeous form and summer blossoms, this variety turns any location pink.

5. Iceberg

Avoid in humid and chilly climates. This rose thrives in warm, dry regions with little water once mature. Give ‘Duchesse’ room as it expands via suckers to fill a small bed with pink flowers.

6. Duchesse de Brabant

If they can survive a hurricane, these roses can fail gardening. Katrina inundated ‘Peggy Martin’ for two weeks with 20 feet of saltwater. 

7. Peggy Martin

Perle d'Or, French for “golden pearl,” has many buff to apricot blooms with silky pointed petals. Blooms open like pompons. Florescent ‘Perle’ blooms new flowers as old ones fall off.

8. Perle d’Or

Just planted three free-flowering apricot roses in front of my picket fence. Garden Answer YouTuber Laura's front porch's blooming ‘At Last’ shrubs inspired me. Mine bloom often despite being small!

9. At Last

Pink and white musk rose ‘Ballerina’ makes a lovely low garden hedge and is pollinator-resistant. For an informal cottage style, I prefer it, but a hedge trimmer can create a dense barrier. 

10. Belinda’s Dream

Spring brings delicate blush apple flowers. Plant ‘Flower Carpet Apple Blossom,’ with pale pink to cream semi-double flowers that last until winter, for a new, ethereal look all season.

11. Flower Carpet Apple Blossom

‘Super Hero’s’ glossy green foliage is healthy in Zones 4-9. The blossoms bloom from spring till frost. For stability, beauty, and curb appeal, underplant with sweet alyssum. 

12. Super Hero

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