11 Easiest Tomatoes to Grow From Seed

Cherry tomatoes are the easiest to cultivate from seed since they germinate, resist illness, and grow quickly. Fast-maturing hybrid determinate shrubs require little trimming or staking.

‘Gardener’s Delight’ offers the perfect summer sweets to pop in your mouth. This is the ideal fast-maturing cherry tomato for flavor and garden ease.

1. ‘Gardener’s Delight’ Cherry Tomato

Summertime cherry tomatoes yield enormous clusters of small fruits. Nearly self-grow F1 hybrids like ‘Supersweet 100’ are vigorous and Fusarium and Verticillium wilt-resistant.

2. ‘Supersweet 100’ F1 Cherry Tomato

Many 10-ounce 3" slicing tomatoes are from award-winning tiny tomatoes. Red Pride seeds prevent Alternaria stem canker, Fusarium wilt, and leaf spot. 

3. ‘Red Pride’ Bush Tomato

Sun Gold cherry tomatoes are fruitiest and orangest. Early planting was successful and enjoyable. Transplant ‘Sun Gold’ plants self-grow and yield in 57 days. Early October freezes end vine summer.

4. ‘Sun Gold’ Pole Cherry Tomato

If you like canning or pasta sauce, don't miss this easy-to-grow Italian favorite. The hybrid-like heirloom ‘Italian Roma’ determinate sauce tomato is beginner-friendly. 

5. ‘Italian Roma’ Bush Tomato

Patio and container gardeners, listen! I recommend this as one of the few beginner beefsteak tomatoes. The compact, strong ‘Mountain Merit’ plants provide classic-flavored slicing tomatoes.

6. ‘Mountain Merit’ Bush Tomato

Southern gardeners love ‘Moneymaker’ for its abundant yields in humid summers. Named after 1960s commercial farmers' enjoyment. Planting produces 75-80 days of heavy medium-sized summer fruit.

7. ‘Moneymaker’ Pole Tomato

‘Patio Choice,’ a distinctive yellow cherry tomato, thrives in pots. It grows quickly—you can harvest fruits 45 days after planting! 

8. ‘Patio Choice’ Yellow Bush

The easygoing bush cherry is lovely and useful. Grow ‘Cherry Falls’ in pots or baskets. Drooping scarlet tomato vines are attractive. This doesn't mean it's bland.

9. ‘Cherry Falls’ Bush Cherry Tomato

The renowned hybrid ‘Early Girl’ is generally the first slicing tomato to ripen in late spring or early summer. This variety is drought-tolerant, blossom end-rot-resistant, and wilt-resistant.

10. ‘Early Girl’ F1 Tomato

Cold-weather growers need ‘Glacier’ tomato seeds annually. Little plants yield summer and fall's first and last ripe tomatoes. The 30-inch vines survive colder conditions and set fruit.

11. ‘Glacier’ Bush Tomato

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