11 Cures For Unhappy Houseplant

Plant lovers without a backyard should grow houseplants. Filling your home with flora is rewarding even with a large garden. To revive your lush greenery, you need houseplant remedies!

A glass of water can quickly fix a neglected houseplant, my fellow forgetful waterers. The most important indoor-growing skill is proper watering.

1 - More Water

If you are positive that you haven't submerged your plant, yet it's wilting and turning yellow, there can be a conflicting issue.

2 – Less Water

When I diagnose dying houseplants, lack of sunlight is the main cause. Although some houseplants are ‘low-light’ compatible, they may not thrive in rooms without windows.

3 – Extra Sunlight

Like watering, houseplants may suffer without sunlight. Hot sunlight (even indoors) scorches fragile leaves, bleaching or browning the closest ones.

4 – Afternoon Protection

Even if sunshine isn't an issue, pot placement may be. If your houseplants are suddenly withering and drying out, you may need a draft remedy.

5 – New Position

It makes sense that a dying leaf would be upsetting, given the thrill plant parents get when they discover a new one.

6 – Pruning

If your houseplant has grown successfully in the same pot for years but now seems unhappy, the pot may be the issue.

7 – New Pot 

A new pot won't help unhappy, mature, or slow-growing houseplants that don't need more space. Depending on soil quality, repotting may work.

8 – Fresh Soil

New houseplant soil often contains slow-release fertilizers from nurseries and online vendors. These nutrients fuel plant growth and survival, thus they must be replenished.

9 – Balanced Fertilizer

Tropical houseplants like Monstera and Calatheas are popular. They are used to year-round humidity above 70% in their native environments.

10 – Increased Humidity

Unhappy houseplants don't necessarily need urgent attention. It's normal if your houseplants don't always appear like they did when you got them due to conditions and upkeep.

11 – Less Fuss

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