11 Care Tips For Petunias in Hanging Basket

Some petunias thrive in hanging baskets due to their variety. Supertunia and wave are outstanding basket-bound petunias. Though expensive, it will be worth it.

1 - Choose The Right Varieties

Whether you bought a hanging basket of petunias from a garden center or an empty basket to fill, there are some aspects to consider.

2 – Bigger Hanging Container

Petunias love good soil. Organic, well-draining soil suits petunias. Garden centers use organic-rich potting soil for basket growth.

3 – Use the Right Soil

Sun-loving petunias need at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. Planting petunias in 8+ hours of sunlight is optimal. You may have trouble finding a sunny spot for your basket.

4 – Provide enough sun

Many hanging baskets need more water than gardens. They dry rapidly on hot, windy days since they're shallow. Many ways exist to check if your baskets are hydrated.

5 – Water More Frequently

Petunias are strong feeders that consume soil minerals quickly. You can fertilize hanging baskets immediately after planting or bringing them home. 

6 – Fertilize as Needed

Some petunias won't need pruning and deadheading all season. As noted, wave and supertunia petunias self-clean and drop spent blossoms.

7 – When needed, prune and deadhead

Many plants in one place may hinder growth. Rule of thumb: divide container size by 2. Put 6 plants in a 12-inch basket. Grow 10 plants in a 20-inch basket.

8 – Don’t Crowd the Basket

Extreme weather can damage hanging baskets. Choosing a spot protected from wind, severe rain, and hail will help your plant survive the season.

9 – Choose a Shelter

Yes, hanging baskets with only petunias look amazing. They look great with companion plants in containers. Unlimited possibilities exist for basket planting with diverse plants. Do not overcrowd.

10 – Add Some Companion

Carefree petunias rarely get diseases or pests. This doesn't mean your petunias are safe. Disease and pests can destroy petunias if not managed fast.

11 – Treat Problems Immediately

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