10 Delicious Winter Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors

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An enjoyable and useful way to enjoy fresh food during the winter is to grow veggies indoors. Here are ten tasty winter veggies that you can grow inside:

Kale is a tough growing green that does best when it's cooler outside. It can be grown in pots on a sunny porch and is full of nutrients.

1. Kale

Spinach is another leafy green that does well indoors and is full of nutrients. It grows well in pots or baskets that hang low.

2. Spinach

You can grow different kinds of lettuce indoors, like butterhead or loose-leaf. They can grow in small pots because their roots are not very deep.

3. Lettuce

Radishes are root veggies that grow quickly and can be grown in pots. Pick smaller types that can be grown indoors.

4. Radishes

Some types of mini or baby carrots do well when grown indoors. Use deep pots so that their roots have room to grow.

5. Carrots

A window sill is a good place to grow many veggies inside. They make food taste better and do well in containers.

6. Herbs 

They are simple to grow inside in little pots. You can plant seeds or use food scraps to grow them again.

7. Scallions (Green Onions)

Arugula is a leafy green that tastes like pepper and grows well in pots. It goes well with sandwiches and salads.

8. Arugula

Microgreens are young, soft greens that are picked before they get too big. They are easy to grow indoors and come in many types, such as broccoli, radish, and mustard.

9. Microgreens

There are types of peas that can be grown inside in pots. Help the vines grow by giving them help.

10. Peas (specifically, snow peas or sugar snap peas)

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