10 Beautiful Flowers That Look Just Like Petunia

Angelonias appear like petunias but come in purple, pink, and white. They enhance borders, containers, and hanging baskets.

1 - Angelonia

The genus Cosmos includes both annual and perennial plants that are colored pink, red, orange, yellow, white, and purple, among other hues.

2 – Cosmos

Beautiful blue blossoms are produced by the annual flax flower, which grows quickly. These will look fantastic added to your other favorite flowers if you enjoy combining blue blooms with them. 

3 – Flax Flower

Impatiens are Balsaminaceae. Most of the 1,000 species are from Eurasia, New Guinea, and Africa. The common impatiens is the most popular bedding plant.

4 – Impatiens

Katie Ruellia is a pretty herbaceous perennial with pink or purple flowers. Any full-sun zone can support this Mexican native. The pink and purple flowers resemble petunias.

5 – Katie Ruellia

Lovely mandevilla vines yield red, pink, or white blooms. Initially, it appears tropical. However, it grows easily in full-sun zones.

6 – Mandevilla

Million Bells are charming, bright, and low-maintenance annuals that resemble petunias but have two light pink and two maroon leaves. Their appearance is pleasing.

7 – Million Bell

South African Scented, Left Geraniums are beautiful, fragrant, and easy to grow. Its large pink, scarlet, and white flowers are stunning. Aromatherapy uses aromatic leaf oil.

8 – Scented-Leaved Geranium

Asian tropical perennial hibiscus is large. You'll like that the leaves stay green and lovely after blooming. It blooms massively white, pink, red, and purple.

9 – Tropical Hibiscu

Flowering plants in the Violaceae family are violas. About 400 species inhabit the Northern Hemisphere. They thrive in shade, and many species are wild.

10 – Violas

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